Blackstone was founded in 1980, started its activity with hair accessories. With the production of Turkey's first fantasy hairpin, consumers are offered a wealth of colors and product varieties. In the following years, the brand turned its face to other types of jewelry such as Necklace, Earring, Bracelet, Anklet, Şahmeran and Rings. Blackstone is one of the oldest and pioneering companies in the industry, still continuing its activity. The history of jewelry dates back to ancient times, was almost revealed by the existence of humanity. Sometimes it represented power, sometimes it became an indicator of status. It has also been a complementary bond with one's clothing and their body. While producing our products based on this consciousness, we use stylish, elegant, economical and harmless materials, and present them to the consumer's taste.

The company has been brought to its current place by CEVDET KARADAŞ, the founder and the owner.
The excitement and passion of him for his profession is still as the first day. Our products are full of this passion and excitement as well.

We see the satisfaction of our customers as our greatest wealth.

We will never end designing the most stylish models for you.
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